Individual Distinction

Who is eligible?

Nominations must be an individual currently working in primary health care in Australia and the nominations will be judged on the nominee’s achievements one of three key areas.

The nomination must outline the nominee’s:

  • Progress towards the achievement of a vision for the future of Australian health care that is original, creative and innovative and which will ultimately lead to better patient and/or community health care outcomes OR
  • Deliverance of a positive outcome in service provision or patient care in the face of adversity or other challenges OR
  • Kindness, understanding, compassion or courage that goes beyond the expectations of their role/position in primary health care.

Nominators must:

  • Provide an online, written submission that specifically answers all questions asked in the online nomination form.
  • Ensure the nomination is fully completed.
  • Submit the nomination on or before the closing date of midnight AEST 31 August 2015.
  • Ensure the nomination is supported by a second person, who has direct knowledge of the nominee’s abilities and acts described in the nomination.